2022 Fall Rates

AS OF 10/01/2022

Prices are subject to change without notification.

Green Fees

18 Holes Walking$26.00
9 Holes Walking$17.00
18 Holes with cart$38.00
9 Holes with cart$25.00
Replay 9 or 18 with cart$20.00
Junior Rate (9/18 Holes)$9.00 / $12.00
Twilight with cart (daily at 2pm; 3pm during DST)$28.00

Cart Fees

18 Holes (PER PLAYER)$12.00
9 Holes (PER PLAYER)$8.00
Private Cart 18 Holes$8.00
Private Cart 9 Holes$8.00
Annual Privately Owned Cart Trail Fees$600.00
Monthly Privately Owned Cart Trail Fees (No discounts for additional carts)$70.00
Non-Playing Rider Fee (9/18 Holes)$8.00 (9) / $12.00 (18)
3 Month Privately Owned Cart Trail Fees$175.00

Green Fees Packages Without Cart

Annual Single$1,100.00
Annual Couple $1,700.00
Annual Junior (18 years or younger)$300.00
3 Month Single (Continuous Months)
$575.00 ($200 each additional month)
3 Month Couple (Continuous Months)
$925.00 ($250 each additional month)
1 Month Single (Available April – December)$200.00
Handicap Service (Annual Individual)$33.00

Driving Range Fees

Warm – Up Sack$3.00
Small Bucket $5.00
Large Bucket $9.00
Annual Single (Maximum One Buckets Per Day)$250.00
Annual Single (Maximum Two Buckets Per Day)$400.00

Punch Cards

Punch Card (10 Large Buckets)$75.00
9 Hole Green Fees (25 Rounds)$365.00
18 Hole Green Fees (25 Rounds)$550.00
18 Hole Green Fees (10 Rounds)$220.00